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Eating and Drinking in Wales

Wales Restaurants Guides

Strongly influenced by the cuisine of neighbouring England, Wales is known for its traditional dishes, which include succulent lamb, layer bread - a oatmeal-based breakfast dish, cheeses - particularly the famous crumbly Caerphilly cheese, and one-pot meals of bacon, lamb, potato, cabbage and swede.

Wales is also famous for its classic 'Welsh Rarebit', a sophisticated variation of cheese on toast, Welsh cakes - small fruity scones, and also 'bara brith' - a spiced fruit loaf which is made with both marmalade and tea.

Many people visiting Wales choose to eat in the numerous pubs, which offer reasonably priced meals and an impressive selection of beers and ales. Typical 'pub grub' varies greatly between venues and always offers good value for money.

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Eating and Dining in Wales - Restaurants Guide

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